Backnife Campaign Update!

Happy Days are Here. There was a wonderful review
of the Ceramic Micro Knife in a Backpackers forum. utility-knife- the-
backnife-review/#post- 3503777
So I decided to launch on Kickstarter a bit early
and hit my admittedly low target inside 24 hours.
So at least 150 pledges (purchases) have been
booked already. micro-
I have now paid for production of 5,000 of these
little knives and will be able to ship once the
Kickstarter is finished.
I do not have a lot of feedback so I do not know
the reasons for purchasing this small knife. I
suspect that the fact that it is the lightest
possible tool is attracting backpackers but expect
that a number of customers are looking at the
corrosion resistance.
Or possibly just that it is so small it can be
carried everyday and ready when needed.

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