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Where to start? I have been designing, producing and selling ceramic blades and knives primarily to the military and industry. The cutting performance of ceramic blades far surpasses that of ordinary steel blades and the absence of any corrosion on the edge keeps them sharp for when needed. The ceramic blade based on the standard Stanley utility blade design has an incredibly wide number of applications but is limited for everyday use by the size and weight of existing handles. It has taken two years of working on various prototypes as I thought using spring copper, titanium or carbon fiber might be useful in the handle shape, but it was just impossible to get the proper amount of tension on the blade in a simple design. Injection molding ended up being the only consistent solution although the cost of a precision mold is high.

A lower cost “short run” mold was created and pre-production samples obtained and subjected to successful trials. The remaining problem is one of marketing the tool, as it is not simply an improvement on existing designs but introducing a ceramic blade into everyday personal use.
With a weight of just under that of three pennies it does make a convenient key chain accessory. Fishermen would benefit from having a blade that will never rust but exactly what general market should be addressed, women or men, everyday carry office use or outdoor survival is unknown.

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